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All Guilds Meeting - April 2016

Retrato de Doobes

It's no late April Fools joke...there was an All Guilds Meeting today!  Once again, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs for reading as well as a summary of what happened:

International Hood

With a bit of a passing of the torch from the former to the latter, Max and Snickuster talked about what the International Hood is about and plans going forward towards a re-opening.  This event is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd, starting at 05:00 KI time with the Australian and Japanese explorers and continuing throughout the day with many of the various countries that make up the community.

Snickuster has asked any and all interested parties from various countries around the globe to come and present a little something pertaining to their home country, sharing the cultures of each.  The topic can be pretty much anything (within reason).  There will also be music in the same multicultural theme, so D'niJs are also welcome.

If you'd like to contribute, you can PM Snickuster with your idea!  For further updates, check the MOUL forum thread.

D'ni Language 101/Story Night

shokhootahn Rehn reminded the crowd about the upcoming D'ni Language 101 classes coming up later this month.  More details can be found on our news post here.

He also mentioned the ongoing Story Night in Tsahno's Hood.  Again, more on that in our accompanying news post.

Memorial Age

Doobes stopped in and took the time to update everyone on the status of his next project: the memorial Age.  He has asked interested people for submissions to put directly into the Age and onto the Explorers' Memorial page, plus any music that they'd like to include (that's public domain) or compose.  Details on how to submit entries will be finalized soon, so stay tuned.

You can view the most up-to-date progress on his Facebook page.  It's public, so even if you don't have Facebook, you can still see updates.

Cavern Criers New Explorer Info Session

Nev'yn was last up to invite everyone to the latest New Explorer Info Session, hosted by the Guild of Messengers' Cavern Criers.  This was the second in what is hoped to be many more sessions to introduce new explorers to the world of D'ni.  Veterans will also find it quite useful as a refresher course in D'ni and DRC history.  The next session will hopefully be very soon!


The latest figures are a bit old, but January's CAVCON ended at 2.8, which means expenses are digging slightly into saved funds (which isn't good).  The figures for February (as of the 4th) were 2.0 (the usual starting point of the CAVCON for a new month).

Don't forget to donate to the CAVCON to keep the lights on and the cavern open!

Note that account creation and password recovery are currently down, so if there's any troubles, be sure to visit Cyan's support site.  Hopefully it'll be back soon.

And that's all for now.  The next All Guilds Meeting is set for May 7th at 13:00 KI time in Kirel.  See you then!

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